Dreamer’s World January 4 2016 – Blogging 101 Assignment #1


Welcome to Dreamer’s World. I write because I love to, I wish that I could say that there is some grandiose scheme behind this, but there is not. I recently decided to take part in the Blogging 101 course offered through WordPress in order to improve my writing skills and to make my site more interesting. I will attempt to write two blog entries per day, one for this course and another for my regular entry. I will try to remember to put the “blogging101” tag on my regular entry as well so others can find it more easily in the beginning. In time, I am sure that I will meld the regular blog post and the assignment together.

     I decided to begin this blog a few years ago. It began with the best of intentions but it also suffered from the start-and-stop motivation that so many of us are familiar with when we try to write. I had much better success with a personal journal in years past, but I had made the decision to move into the digital realm after a lot of inner thought.
     My initial resistance to writing a blog publicly was my privacy. Reading back through my old journals, I quickly realized that I had to maintain much more discipline if I were to write online for the world to see. I believe that there is a firm line between personal and private life and I will not try to erase that line. Sadly, I have known bloggers who were unable to keep that separation and most of them have stopped writing publicly, or at least changed their blog names and stayed relatively quiet online. I don’t want that to happen to me. My goal is to write but not to destroy my own privacy, or that of others in the process.
     When it comes to the subject of my blog, it remains mostly a generic writing exercise that covers events in my life that I am comfortable sharing with others. I suppose that I have dreams of a widely-read blog that hammers away at issues that affect all of us, but I haven’t reached that stage of writing and confidence yet.
     One of the main obstacles I have always faced with writing in general is the eternal conflict between how I write and the “business writing” that plagues society today. I believe that language is a wonderful tool that should be used as much as possible. In my job, I am forced to constrain myself to the “Me Tarzan, You Jane” style of writing and I despise it. My blog exists so I can write as I wish, without limitations.
     The people that I want to connect to are those who write for a wide variety of reasons. I admire those who can churn out tremendously impactful blogs on a daily basis the focus on specific subjects. Politics is one area that I am passionate about. If my blog is to continue to grow, I want it to be enjoyable to read. I would like it to become a voice for more causes that I care about and I would like it to become an even more important part of my life.