Dreamer’s World January 2 2016 – Let’s Get Moving

The weekend has a arrived, along with some much colder weather. This will probably impact my decision to ride the mountain bike today, but I will make up for it by working hard on my step goal for today. With some dedicated time, I can get to at least 15,000 steps for today as I work to improve my overall health.
     Hal (person) gave me a FitBit Charge HR as a Xmas gift, and that really inspired me to get moving. I was motivated to get the mountain bike as a result.
     As of 1100 this morning, I passed 3,000 steps so I am well on my way to my daily goal. I find that just getting up and walking with my headphones on really helps me out. I lose myself in the music and am breaking the habit of constantly checking my step total. In time, I will just be walking/biking and the numbers will just ramp up without thinking about them.
     Another helpful thing I noticed is that when I return from a walk I am more interested in writing about that so I blog to clear my mind. Right now I am just walking the apartment building so there is nothing to take a picture of that is important, but as the weather warms up I will be outside more and I am sure that I will be taking more pictures of my adventures.
     Glad to report that as of 1300, I have surpassed 6,000 steps and am feeling great! Today the 10,000 steps will be a breeze. Hal (person) is still at work, although he should be home in about 2 hours. I will see if he wants to do anything once he gets here, but I suspect that he will be tired and will just want to rest. That is fine with me. I can always use the time to get some more walking in. There is really nothing that I need to do this afternoon/evening that cannot wait until tomorrow anyway.
     While I have been writing about getting up and moving around, The Stooges have taken quite the opposite approach to the day
Spartacus has found a spot in the sun and is getting some rest. Spartacus usually likes to lay in the sun and will probably be there until the light no longer is coming through the window.
Hal (cat) also enjoys the warmth of the sun, but he prefers to get right into the window to enjoy it more fully.
Stevie Nicks usually prefers somewhere a bit darker. She is busy inspecting things right now in-between naps of her own.
As for myself, these cats are gibing me ideas. I really need to focus on getting some more walking in this afternoon so that if Hal (person) and I do go out that any steps will be pure bonus for me.
     It turned out that we did go out after Hal (person) came home from work. He needed to go back to IKEA, and afterwards we went to the Apple Store (didn’t buy anything) and had dinner at Potbelly Sandwiches before we came back home. Luckily, we missed the worst of the traffic coming home.
     I blew past my 10,000 step goal for today. Tomorrow is another opportunity for me to set a new standard. Hal (person) has gone to bed, and I don’t expect to be up much later myself. It is nearly 2200 and I am sure that I will be in bed before midnight.
     That concludes today’s installment. I hope that everyone has had a great Saturday and will have an even better day Sunday.