Dreamer’s World January 1 2016 -A New Beginning

2016 has finally arrived. Honestly, I didn’t celebrate much last night. A New Year’s kiss with Hal (person) and some attention to the Stooges and then I was in bed before 0030. We watched some of the “ him Man” movies on TCM during the evening to pass the time and we both like old movies. I slept very well and just finished a 2.5 mile walk this morning. As I wait for Hal (person) to get ready to roll out for the afternoon, Stevie Nicks is sleeping peacefully on my lap. I hope that 2016 will be a peaceful and happy year for everyone, and that we finally realize that we have too much in common to waste time on our differences.
We spent our afternoon at IKEA to get ideas on improving the apartment and we will probably be replacing an old bed with a daybed from IKEA in the near future in order to have a bit more room where the computers are. Nothing that will happen immediately, but something to think about.
Due to the improvised schedule, I didn’t get the chance for the bike ride today. I will do that tomorrow. I plan to start out with a short ride in order to avoid any problems with my BG running on the low side while I am out. It is best to be cautious in the beginning since I don’t want to be stranded and in need of help.
I am maintaining my step totals at over 10,000 per day. I want to keep this level for at least a week before really attempting to stretch myself towards a higher goal. I can feel the difference and I am sleeping much better as a result.
The weekend awaits. Hal (person) has to work tomorrow, so I will have the time to get my bike ride in and do what needs to be done around the apartment before he gets back home. As you can tell, life isn’t terribly exciting here, but it is comfortable and we are very happy. 2016 is off to a good start.