Dreamer’s World January 31 2016 – A New Day


Sometimes a break in the routine is good. I have been walking regularly since December and yesterday I took a day off. I have already resumed walking for today and am feeling great so far. After roughly 3 miles I am halfway to my new goal for today and I will maintain this for at least a week before attempting to increase the distance again.
     I am doing this in order to lose some weight, but I know that it won’t happen overnight. Persistence is the key. Once the weather warms up and the days get longer as Spring approaches, I will be taking rides on the mountain bike once again as well as my daily walking.
     Establishing a routine is fine, it gives a sense of purpose. We cannot let it dictate our lives at the expense of everything else, and that is the key to being happy, at least for me. I always strive for balance in my life. I have goals that I set for myself, but they are long-term goals that I will not waver from. Other goals are useful at times, but I cannot give them as much emphasis as I would to the long-term goals. I suppose that the shorter goals function as measuring sticks towards the larger goals to a degree.
     Harmony at home is the one goal that I will never sacrifice. I am so fortunate to be where I am at this point in my life and I don’t ever want to do anything to mess that up. I only wish that Hal (person) and I were on more compatible schedules. I work M-F while he works Sat and Sun. That is because he makes more money working on the weekends, so unfortunately it makes us having lots of time together a rare thing. I cherish those times and make the most of them.
     As far as the blog itself goes, I am happy with the changes that I made this weekend. I am keeping the theme for now, that might be the next thing to change, but it will give me something to think about later.

After Living in Norway, America Feels Backward. Here’s Why. – BillMoyers.com

Some years ago, I faced up to the futility of reporting true things about America’s disastrous wars and so I left Afghanistan for another remote mountainous country far away. It was the polar opposite of Afghanistan: a peaceful, prosperous land where nearly everybody seemed to enjoy a good life, on the job and in the family.It’s true that they didn’t work much, not by American standards anyway. In the US, full-time salaried workers supposedly laboring 40 hours a week actually average 49, with almost 20 percent clocking more than 60. These people, on the other hand, worked only about 37 hours a week, when they weren’t away on long paid vacations. At the end of the work day, about four in the afternoon (perhaps three in the summer), they had time to enjoy a hike in the forest or a swim with the kids or a beer with friends — which helps explain why, unlike so many Americans, they are pleased with their jobs. Continue reading

Source: After Living in Norway, America Feels Backward. Here’s Why. – BillMoyers.com

Dreamer’s World January 30 2016 – A Quiet Saturday Morning


There are times when all I want to do is just relax. Today is one of those days. As I woke up after Hal (person) has left for work, I can spend time with The Stooges and not have any deadlines on my mind, no tasks that require my immediate attention, and no obligations that I have to meet. Times like these are special and should be cherished because they are so rare. As I was sitting in the living room I had the good fortune to look up and saw this beautiful sight. Immediately I reached for the iPhone and snapped this picture.


If I were to title the picture, it would be Solitude and Bliss. It represents a beautiful moment when the sunlight comes into the apartment on a quiet Saturday morning, and there isn’t a sound to be heard. Stevie Nicks is resting on the back of the chair, while Hal (cat) is relaxing on the floor. They both value this quiet time as well. There is no sound at all, no TV obviously because I prefer it that way and no radio or music either. The quiet is welcome here except for the clicking of the keyboard on my Chromebook as I type. I am actually very proud of this picture because of the variations in light and I feel that it really captures the mood I want to create. As with most things, serendipity plays a role because I never imagined that the picture would turn out so well.
    I have already made a few adjustments to my blog format and I am pleased with the results so far. The theme itself might be changed although I thought that would be more of a necessity than an option because I wasn’t sure that my intended changes would reflect the way I wanted them to. Consider it a live-and-learn type of thing and keep moving forward. That is how I will approach it. I am sure that I will continue to mess with the blog settings on WordPress in the future as I get more comfortable with the settings and recognize how the options and widgets can help me get what I want to see onto my blog.
     I finally decided to take a nap and the last thing I really saw before falling asleep was Hal (cat) keeping me company.



I slept for about 3 hours, I was more tired than I thought, and woke up when Hal (person) came home. We have no plans to go anywhere right now and I can enjoy more time as I write this afternoon. I suppose that I more tired than I though I was. I am forsaking my daily walks today as I just rest. I will hopefully get back on track tomorrow.
    Hal (person) has gone to bed for a nap of his own right now. That is a sure sign that we are not going anywhere later, and I am fine with that more than I might normally be. If I do venture out later, it will only be to the store for necessities and then immediately back home. It reminds me od how this post started when I said I enjoyed not having things that had to be done hanging over my head today.
     I am tempted to order dinner this evening, but I think that I will just have something here at home and perhaps I will go to brunch tomorrow.

Dreamer’s World January 29 2016


I have successfully navigated yet another week. The strange thing that I realize is that by Monday, January will be left in the dust of history, or in this case, the snow pile of history. It seems like only yesterday that we were all excited about 2016 getting started, and now we begin to see how quickly it is passing us by.
     I am hoping for a relatively quiet day at work, and that should be the case since there is nothing major on the agenda right now. We continue to wait on results that will finally allow us to access some systems again via VPN. Installing the new equipment and firewalls just has taken far too long. The timeframe for completion of this effort has steadily slipped from November until now, with no end in sight. This makes the job rather frustrating at times to say the least.
     I just found out that my last meeting of the day has been pushed back, but it won’t cause me to stay any later at work so I am grateful about that. I walked into the kitchen a few minutes ago and found Hal (person) busy chopping green peppers and onions. I suspect that he might be making more of his devastating spaghetti for us to enjoy this weekend. If so, I am ecstatic about it! I am cautious though, because Hal (person) clearly stated that he was actually going to make a cake. I am not convinced.
     The afternoon is moving by rather slowly, but that is normal for a Friday. The weekend looms ahead, full of promise. I am going to redesign my blog this weekend, and it might go through several incarnations before I am happy with it. It should be interesting to say the least.
     Another thing I will do this weekend will be to read. I want to start the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. I read most of those books years ago, and I loved them. I never made it through all of the books, but now thanks to my Kindle, I can read them again from the beginning. This will take some time to accomplish, but I know that I will get hours of enjoyment from it.
     After work, Hal (person) and I will make a trip to Harris Teeter for the grocery items that we need. The list isn’t long and the trip should be rather quick. We have no other plans to go out this evening since Hal (person) has to go to work in the morning. It will be the first time he has been at work in almost 2 weeks due to the snowstorm that hit last weekend.
     Tonight will be quiet and spent at home. I am signing off early and will be back tomorrow.

Hero Restaurant Manager Drops Mic Over Religious Pamphlets Left As Tips | Wonkette

Anyone who has ever been a server for any length of time has at one point or another been subjected to a religious tract in lieu of a tip. When you see what looks like a $20, only to have it be the above image, it’s kind of like getting punched in the balls by

Source: Hero Restaurant Manager Drops Mic Over Religious Pamphlets Left As Tips | Wonkette

Dreamer’s World January 28 2015 – Challenger


30 years ago today, I was a student at the University of Kentucky. It as the age before cell phones and instant communication as we know it today. I had eaten lunch with friends in the Student Center cafeteria and was going through the Student Center on my way to exit the building and head to my next class when I passed the TV lounge, an area with couches and seating where students could watch TV, what an quaint concept these days. I noticed a larger than normal crowd gathered, but I figured it must have been some epic soap opera episode that everyone wanted to see. Then I heard gasps and sobs from the area.
     I walked over and saw that CNN was on the TV. This was my first indication that something had happened. I managed to work my way into the area and saw the replay of the Challenger explosion. Like everyone else, I was horrified and mesmerized at the same time. I suppose I was there for about 10 minutes before I realized that I had to leave or I would be late for my next class.
     When I got there, some students still had not heard the news. The class became a discussion of the topic at the expense of normal classwork. We were all horrified and saddened by what had happened, and those of us who had already seen the tv footage were trying to describe it to those who hadn’t. Eventually, the discussion turned to how tragedies mark important events in our lives.
     We talked about how our parents had always said that the JFK assassination had left them speechless and numb. Now my generation had our own reference point to judge time by. We would always remember where we were when we heard about Challenger. In future years, 9/11 would mark that point in the lives of a new generation.
     As time gives us the gift of perspective, I can say that Challenger was different because it was not imprinted onto our consciousness in the same way as 9/11. Communications were even more instantaneous in 2001 than they had been in 1986. We had to take the time to actually watch coverage without our cell phones beeping with texts and alerts. I don’t mean that this created any different sense of tragedy, but in 1986 we had to still gather together just to find out what had happened, not to the degree that our parents did in 1963, but still more in that line than 2001.
     Today, events are blared at us constantly. Everything has to be larger in scope than the last breaking news story. The sensationalization of the mundane is another topic for another post, but there is a true sense of information overload when it comes to what actually constitutes a tragedy that defines a generation. I believe that the generation since 9/11 will never know the immediate sense of actual community that we experienced in 1986, and even in 2001. Future generations will experience their own tragedies almost in a vacuum, or so it seems to me.
     At any rate, I remember 30 years ago today rather vividly. It seems hard to believe that so many years have passed, but time always moves on regardless of how we feel.