Dreamer’s World December 30 2015 – Almost There

2015 has nearly departed. Looking back it has been a very good year. I realize that this might not be the case for everyone, I can only speak for myself, but I am hopeful that we will all have an excellent 2016 to look back on in a year’s time.
Each new year brings the promise of a new beginning although there is nothing magical about it other than the human dictated changing of an arbitrary number associated with one day as opposed to the preceding day. We have imposed this measurement onto time in order to give our own lives a sense of measurement and purpose. Actually, we should not set aside just one day each year to celebrate and resolve to make things better, we should do this each and every day.
I normally do not make “resolutions” in order to avoid the inevitable sense of disappointment when one of them is not achieved. 2016 will be no different, if there is anything that I resolve to do it is to be a better person in whatever way that I can. No amount of preparation can get us ready for what will happen, our ability to adapt is what will determine how we look back on any given year.
I have already made a list of what I am grateful for as the year draws to a close. I am the happiest I have ever been and I want to continue to improve upon this. The only thing that I have already decided upon os to try the Blogging U. course offered from WordPress. I will do this because I have managed to maintain a good record of updating my blog throughout 2015. Now is the time to take this blog to another level.
Now is a time to reflect and prepare for the new year. It is a time when work is extremely slow for me. I can focus on other things and make certain that what I have done is done correctly. Today also marks the last opportunity that Hal (person) and I will have to spend an evening together away from home without the increased risk of drunk and distracted drivers on the roads. We have already determined that we are staying in tomorrow evening to avoid all the trouble.
As far as today itself, I don’t expect to hear much from anyone at work. Those few who didn’t take the entire week off will be feeling the same way that I am today, looking forward to tomorrow and then Friday. I would like to go and drool over some tech toys later after work if Hal (person) wants to. He has to go to work later today as usual, but he will be back home before my normal Wednesday quitting time of 1530.
There is one thing that I have done since I began working from home earlier this year and that is to take plenty of walks to increase my daily step count. I want to maintain 10k steps on a daily basis. Since I got my mountain bike, I plan to get more exercise on that as the weather permits. Right now, it looks like New Year’s Day will be an excellent opportunity to get a ride in since the weather is supposed to be clear and not too cold. The drawback right now is the short days in terms of daylight. Once the days get longer, I will have more time after work to get some rides in. This will help me to get closer to my ideal body weight as the time passes by.
Hal (person) is getting ready to leave for work while Hal (cat) has been settled in my lap for about 30 minutes. He has adjusted to his new home very well considering that he was a stray that had been brought to the local animal shelter about a week before we adopted him. He no longer has the dreamy “Is this real?” look in his eyes that was so prevalent for the first few days. He has bonded with Spartacus and Stevie Nicks gradually and now he is part of the family. He still occasionally jumps at loud noises, but that is not surprising given his background of living on the street for 2 years. Now he looks at us with a peaceful and grateful expression.
I am happy to report that I am halfway to my 10k step goal and it is not lunchtime yet. This has not taken away any time from the job, I just manage to get in some walks through the hallway in the building as I keep ym cell phone available in case I am called. I also am much more ready for lunch. I also took both Hal (cat) and Stevie Nicks out for a stroll through the hallways. Not at the same time, of course, that would be an impossible task, but I am glad to report that each of them got their exercise in as well as helping me with mine.
The afternoon has arrived, the last daily meeting of the year is now completed. They had the common sense to cancel the one that was scheduled for tomorrow. I am still waiting for Hal (person) to get home from work and then I want to go and see about getting some new shoes before it gets too late. I hope that there is no more rain to deal with this evening as well.
We did go look at shoes, but I didn’t find the right pair. After that, we stopped at our favorite Asian restaurant for a nice dinner and we are now back home for the night. Tomorrow will be a very short day at work for me as we prepare to ring in 2016.

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