Dreamer’s World December 27 2015


I hope to get more rest tonight. For the last several days I have been sleeping, but waking up feeling exhausted and I don’t know why. I am lurking around the apartment this morning before I go to get my bicycle helmet and then take a ride on my new mountain bike this afternoon.

After a much longer and busier trip running errands than I anticipated, I came home exhausted and was on the verge of not riding the mountain bike at all today. Finally, late in the afternoon, I pushed myself out and rode for about 30 minutes, nothing too strenuous. I finished just before Hal (person) came home from work. He was also exhausted from his day, so we made a quick trip to get a few things for him and then had dinner at Fat CIty Kitchen in Alexandria, which is less than a mile from here.

We are back home, I will be going to bed soon. Hal (person) is already there. Hal (cat) is asleep in the living room, and Spartacus and Stevie Nicks are in the bedroom with Hal (person). I am being quiet in order to not disturb them, so I decided to write a little more for today before surrendering to exhaustion.

Tomorrow morning I get up and go back to work. It will be a tiring week since there will be nothing going on. I am ahead of things and I will make sure that remains the case through Thursday. We are staying home for New Year’s Eve. It is pointless to go out and deal with the lunatics on the roads, so we are safer and more comfortable here.

That is it for today. I hope that everyone has had a great day and will have an even better one tomorrow.



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