Dreamer’s World December 26 2015


    Today is a good day. My wallet hurts a bit, but that is because I purchased a mountain bike today from Performance Bicycle in Springfield, VA. 

     I have been debating this for some time. I was on the verge of just going to Sears and getting a bike there for the price, but then I realized that I had too many questions for the people at Sears to really give me help with. After Hal (person) and I returned home from Glen Burnie last night, I made up my mind to go to Performance Bicycle today and look at what they had to offer. I also went there loaded with a list of questions that I wanted answers to before I was going to do anything.

    The sales person, John R. was very knowledgeable and was able to help me find the right size of mountain bike for my frame that was within my budget. I was given the opportunity to ride several mountain bikes outside the store in order to get a good feel for them and determine what was right for me. I felt much more comfortable spending a little more than I had planned to in exchange for the lifetime service plan and the reputation that Performance Bicycle carries with it.

    I will be picking up the mountain bike this evening after Hal (person) gets home from work since he has a bigger car than I do. Hopefully by this time tomorrow I will be feeling the burn after a nice ride on my new bike. The apartment building has bike storage racks that are free of charge that makes things so much easier than having to find a place for the bike inside the apartment.

     I am glad to have friends who I looked to, even without their knowledge, as a source of encouragement as I made my decision. One of them, Chad, commented almost instantly on FaceBook when I posted the news. I told him that he was one of those people who had inspired me through our friendship to go ahead and make the purchase although he never realized it until after I told him. 

     We have friends that we never recognize properly and this is something that I want to change about myself as 2016 begins. I want to reach out, I want to try new things, I want to broaden my horizons and to live a fuller life than I already have. It isn’t the purchase that makes me feel good, it is the knowledge that I have taken a first step on a journey. I want it to be a journey of exploration and excitement and new things. Too many years have passed with me struggling to make ends meet. I deserve better, but the only person who can make it happen is yours truly.

     Tomorrow I’ll be riding my new mountain bike. The forecast calls for a beautiful day. 

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