Dreamer’s World December 23 2015

I am glad to report that I am feeling better this morning, but I still would have preferred more sleep. Today is my early day at work, but I am not going to any meeting that the client might hold this morning. SInce at least half of the people will be on vacation, I really don’t expect that there will be a meeting anyway, but I will drop an email asking them to dial me in if there is a meeting. I am not traveling this morning, I am staying here at home and relaxing as I work.
At least today is my early day at work and I will be finished by 1530, if I choose to be here that late. Since I logged on and started tracking emails by 0615, I really don’t expect to still be working at 1530 anyway. If Hal wants to do any last-minute stuff after work and I feel OK, then we will get out for a little while. It does look like it will be rainy most of the day here because it is so warm once again.
I am happy with how things are going right now. IN fact, I cannot remember being this happy in many years. I am not sweating bullets over money for the first time in I cannot remember how long, and this is after the unexpected expenses with Maxwell and getting Xmas stuff for Hal.
I had forgotten that Hal actually does go to work today for a few hours. I hope that the fog lifts so he can see things more clearly by the time he has to leave. I wish that he didn’t have to work today, but he has his own job to attend to.
I just got the official notice that there is no meeting at all today with the client. That means I don’t have to dial in at all this morning and my day just got even more relaxed. The only downer is the weather, but nothing will change that, so I won’t worry about it. The only trip I know of for today will be to the grocery store to get some necessities, but there is no rush for that.
Sadly, we are having a daily scrum meeting. I say this because so few people are available and since I am not a software developer, my time is always wasted by dialing into these meetings. I occupied my time by placing one last order thru Amazon that should arrive tomorrow. It will be the very last item I purchase for the holidays, I promise myself that. Although I am still thinking about a mountain bike for myself since there are plenty of trails throughout Alexandria that I can ride on, it is nothing that I need before Friday. It will tie into my resolution to get into better shape for 2016. I will undoubtedly end up with a mid-range bike since I will not spend thousands of dollars on some extravagant bike.
I bailed on the meeting call as soon as was polite to do so. Hal (person) is still at work and should be home within an hour or so. After that, we will go by the grocery store and that should wrap things up for the day here. Since this is my early day, I am not going to put any extra time in at work.
I feel much better after a nice shower. Still a little time left in the workday but no one is talking or emailing, so I used my break to clean up. Hal (person) isn’t here just yet, but he should be home soon. At least I will be ready to go to the grocery store as soon as possible.
Hal just got home and I have just a few minutes before I sign off for the afternoon. I don’t want to wait too late to get to the store. There is nothing but rain in the forecast for the rest of the day and all night long. Hal (person) has decided that he wants to go, so we will be leaving here in just a few minutes.

We had a nice time while we were out, even though it rained the entire time. Hal found a watch for himself and I found the mountain bike I have been searching for. Hal got his watch but I will hold off on the mountain bike until this weekend at the earliest. The rain was still falling as we made our way to the grocery store. After that we returned home and are spending the evening watching Dr. Who on BBC America.
At least tomorrow marks the end of the week at work for me. I am looking forward to the long weekend with Hal (person) and The Stooges.

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