Dreamer’s World December 22 2015

The week slowly marches on. After an uneventful Monday, it is time to regroup and focus on Tuesday. The weather has warmed back up here and I had a difficult time sleeping last night. I will make sure that the A/C is turned on prior to going to bed this evening because I always sleep better with a cool space to sleep in.

I am waiting for some Amazon deliveries today while I am at work. There is also the possibility of us going back out since Hal (person) still needs to find a replacement gift for the one that was lost in shipment to him. I will take him wherever he wants to go later today. I don’t predict a full day of work since so many people are on vacation already. I have to admit that there are some extremely tempting last-minute sales on tech goodies that I am interested in, but that doesn’t mean that I am going to spend any money.

At least we know that almost everything is in place for Friday. We will be traveling to Glen Burnie to visit Nicola and the kids, along with some of Don’s family. It still doesn’t seem real that Don is  not here anymore. This will be the second Xmas without him and in a lot of ways this will probably her the toughest on Nicola. Last year at this time, she was too numb from shock and too stressed from all the people rolling in and out of their lives to really comprehend what had happened. This year it will be much quieter. Hal (person) and I did not go to visit last Xmas simply because there were already too many people there. We stay in constant contact with her, and she has confided that the real pain of missing Don started around the first of November, within a few days of the anniversary of his death. Until then, she had remained busy and managed to duck the pressure and loneliness. Nicola has come through all of this with flying colors, and we are very proud of her. She has held things together for Brianna and Connor and left other people in the dust as she charges ahead.

Lunchtime will be here soon. Only a few emails have arrived today, and those mainly deal with announcements regarding who will be on vacation when for the next 2 weeks. I will fix something to eat in a little while and prepare for the two conference calls that are still scheduled. I am beginning to suspect that one of them will be canceled since the other person involved has not responded to email yet today. This tells me that she is probably on vacation as well, and I wish her a safe and happy holiday if she is.

Sadly, there has been no notification regarding the deliveries I am expecting today. Just my luck that they will be among the very last items delivered, although I hope I am wrong about this. I will go to the apartment office if and when the email arrives stating that the packages are ready to be picked up. According to the tracking information, everything should be out for UPS delivery already today.

It is now nearly 12 noon, and Hal (person) has gone to Kohl’s to pick up the gift that he didn’t purchase last night because he forgot his coupon for 30% off. I cannot say that I blame him for wanting to save the money. I am about to measure my BG and then decide on lunch for myself.

Thankfully, my BG was in excellent range before lunch and I didn’t have too much to eat so I should be fine for the rest of the afternoon. Hal still hasn’t returned from his trip, so I suspect that he is out choosing a gift for me even after I asked him not to. I will deal with that when the time comes because I know that there is no stopping him once his mind is set on something.

Hal (cat) and Stevie Nicks are slowly adjusting to each other. There is still some chasing around, but nothing violent anymore.

They will eventually become best friends, but considering the first few times they encountered each other, real progress is being made. Just a few days ago, there was no way that these two would have been this close without some kind of fight breaking out.

Hal has returned from his trip. It looks like we will be going back to Kohl’s once again after work this afternoon. My packages have arrived, but the apartment office is totally swamped with deliveries right now, so I will wait until they notify me that things have been sorted out and my packages are ready to be picked up.

I am really getting tired right now. I hope that I can stay awake for another few hours. If not, I hope that I have the best nap in recorded history! The last few nights I have not slept well at all and it is finally catching up to me. Knowing that I have 2 more days this week to work is not making me feel that energetic right now for some reason. I am sure that I will get my second wind once I am done with work today.

Now I technically have about 2 hours left in the workday. I am still waiting to hear from the apartment office that my packages have been sorted out and can be picked up. Almost like a kid a Xmas. The only difference is that I already know what the packages contain, they are my gifts to myself.

The day at work ended well. The packages arrived and I got my gifts to myself. Hal also gave me my gifts early, and I will post pics tomorrow. We ordered dinner for here, and I really began to feel a sense of exhaustion that surprised me with it’s intensity. We ate dinner and I am going to take a nice shower and go to bed early. I do feel much better after dinner, but still very tired. I hope I’m not coming down with anything right before the holiday, but time will tell, it always does.

And so, I am wrapping this blog post up. I hope that everyone is safe and happy this evening. I will be back tomorrow.

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