Dreamer’s World October 20 2015 – The Lame Stream Media


As I start this Tuesday morning at work, I am grateful for everything that is going well for me. I am hopeful about the things that aren’t, and I am indifferent about the things that I cannot change through any amount of effort. With that out of the way I can focus on having the best day possible here.
I try to keep up with the news while I work here at home but honestly, I just cannot believe the amount of garbage and inforporn that the MSM wants to dump on us each and every day. I find it harder and harder to wade through the filth to get to any real information. These days, I find more and more of my information via social media and independent online sources. Time and again these sources have proven to be well ahead of the MSM when it comes to the important stories. Actually, I will turn off the TV whenever the local or national news is on.
The thing that irritates me the most is the one-sided corporate view of things that seems to be the only viewpoint that the MSM can manage to cover. Their fascination with Trump is completely revolting. I think that this is a symptom of a deeper problem with the MSM.
Gone are the days when reporters actually went and looked for real stories to bring to the public’s attention. Today, the MSM only respond to what I will graciously call staged news, such as Trump. Only the independent media has bothered to look past the bluster at the pile of excrement that is Trump. The MSM will only react to what he says, rather than dig deeper to find any real truth.
I simply cannot find any redeeming quality in the MSM today. It will take a long time for them to regain my trust.

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