Dreamer’s World January 26 2015 – Teleworking Nightmare

    I decided that it was best for me to stay home today and telework since the weather forecast was not that good. Rain was supposed to turn to snow during the afternoon, and that would adversely affect the commute home after work. Naturally, the rain fell and fell until it finally stopped without any snow. Now the forecast says the snow will occur tonight.
I got some things done today, but I do not like to telework. The connections were spotty at times and some of the applications that I normally use were unreliable. The worst part was that I really have not felt well all day. I hope it isn’t the flu or anything like that. At any rate, I am going to lay down and if I fall asleep, I will be in bed for the rest of the night.
     I feel sorry for the people in New England and New York, but I am glad that most of the snow will miss us here. I hope that I feel better by tomorrow. If I am able I am going into the office rather than spend another day not getting enough stuff done here at home.    

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