Dreamer’s World January 21 2015 – Being 51

    Now that I have had my 51st birthday pass, I have to admit that I don’t really feel a year older. Today doesn’t feel any different than yesterday, or the day before. I suppose that is because I never associated myself with any particular age group. It feels odd to me when I fill out a form that asks me to specify what age group I fall into. This is a sham that is used to try and market things to me that I am supposedly interested in. Good Luck with that!
    I still think of myself as young. No, I am not the athlete I used to be, but I feel young in my mind and my heart. I just don’t fit into the usual categories that a 51 year-old man would find attractive. I am still a die-hard liberal, conservatism holds no interest to me whatsoever. I still believe in the power of people to overcome any problem that confronts them, provided they are allowed the opportunity to pursue those solutions.
    I have watched friends fall into this mid-life crisis and I want to scream a them to “WAKE UP and LIVE”, but so far very few have ever attempted to follow that advice. I attribute this outlook, as unorthodox as it is, with keeping me young. If I surround myself with only people of my own age, or with people who think exactly as I do, I feel that would be the beginning of a slow and painful death. I do not claim immortality, but I do believe that remaining young in mind and spirit is the key to not growing old on some corporate-driven schedule. I prefer to grow old at my own pacce and break all the rules along the way!

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