Dreamer’s World January 20 2015 – The Big 51

    Today I start my 51st year on this planet. All things considered, it has been, and continues to be, a good ride for me. I am grateful for so many things. I have my health and my friends and family. I am out from under the tremendous burden of debt that was crippling to me for several years. I am looking forward to the next 51 years!
    My life would not be nearly as complete without Hal. We just celebrated 15 years together earlier this month. I have found my soul-mate, and we are on this journey together for the duration. Of course I am also very thankful for the Stooges. Maxwell, Spartacus and Stevie Nicks make every day much more enjoyable for Hal and I. Nicola Beasley and her kids are our adopted family, and they mean the world to us.
    Of course there are those people that I miss. My friend Donald Beasley, who died in November. I hope that I was always able to convey how much his friendship meant to Hal and myself. Hal and I have pledged to do everything we can for Nicola and the kids. I also miss some friends who have drifted away over the last few years, but we all have to follow our own paths in this life. I wish them well.
    I don’t have any real resolution for this birthday of for this year other than to be the best friend and partner that I can possibly be. I want to be a positive influence on as many lives as possible.
    I actually feel refreshed today, other than waking up with some aches and pains 🙂 The idea of a new mattress has crossed my mind LOL. I am enjoying this day at home with Hal and the Stooges, and that is enough for me.

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