Dreamer’s World January 19 – 2015 Fortune Cookie Wisdom

“Discontent is the first step in the progress of a man or a nation”.

It isn’t often that I take what is said in a fortune cookie seriously. This one caught my eye because it actually does contain more than a little wisdom. Perhaps whomever is responsible for writing these things has actually been paying attention to the world around them recently.
Discontent arises from frustration and anger at things as they are. When Justice is denied, as in the cases of Trayvon Martin, and Mike Brown, and Eric Garner, and countless others then there is going to be a reaction. When the system responds by persecuting and harassing those who have spoken out, the Moment of Truth arrives. If the discontent were not genuine, then those protesting it would fade away. We all know that the media in this country are in bed with the big corporate interests, and the stories of protest are always framed to present the protestors in a negative light.

    Discontent is the natural outcome of situations like this. The need to point out injustice itself is a form of discontent. To reject ehe discontent is to admit that you are happy with things as they are because none of this affects you directly. Contentment leads to complacency and that leads to stagnation. Discontent is necessary for us to continue to grow as individuals and as a society. Change is inevitable, and if we do not struggle to make change for the better, change for the worse will surely come quickly.

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