Waiting on Game 7

Here we sit on Wednesday evening waiting for game 7 between the Washington Capitals and the Boston Bruins. I love the NHL and do live in the DCD Area, but can honestly say that neither rank among my favorites. Like so many, I am a transplant to the DC area so I have no loyalty to the Capitals. The main thing that is interesting to me is something that was covered in the Washington Post, the question of which team and city manages to take losses worse than the other?


I know Caps fans that are always one foot on the ledge. They are either extremely excited about the best team that they have ever had, or they are despondent about that same team being unable to win in the playoffs.

They have met their match in Boston fans. It takes very little adversity for the sky to start falling on them.

I just hope that it is a good game, and that family members hide all shapr objects from the fans of both teams.

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