UK vs Baylor 1st Half

Watching the game and trying to put down my observations. All credit to Baylor for bringing the fight to UK from the opening tip. Baylor seems a little intimidated by the atmosphere in CAT-LANTA, as witnessed by the hard foul on Acy very early in the game.

The game settled down for a few minutes. Not worried by the Baylor lead. UK has kept their cool and responded with a 10-0 run to turn 10-7 deficit into a 17-10 lead. 12:00 left in the half as Miller nails one!

UK continues the run until Baylor ends it at 16-0. Loving the confidence that UK is showing as the game goes on.

On a side note, I HATE the Direct TV commercials.

Just imagining how much more $ CATLANTA could make if all the upper deck seats were sold. We KNOW that UK fans would be there!

AD just loves the top of the key.

UK has maintained their lead as we approach the 8:00 mark. Nice to see UK shot-blocking in play today. A question that has to be answered is whether or not UK can maintain their excellence at the FT line. The jury is out right now.

Time to catch my breath and relax. UK seems to have taken control of the game for the time being, but Baylor is an excellent team that will surely have more than one run in them before this is over. 7:12 left in the half.

MKG is having a nice game, what a heart he has! Teague has to get his game on and quit trying to force his way into the lane. Wiltjer is in the game and I feel that he is going to get his shots.

UK 34-17

I am impressed by UK’s performance today. While the game is far from over, the Cats have played like they expect to be here. The confidence is visible watching them right now.

3 minutes left in the half, and UK has a 40-20 lead. Keep pushing, CATS!

Last minute of the half and UK needs to keep this level of performance in the 2nd half to secure the trip to Blue Orleans.

Halftime UK 42 Baylor 22

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