With all the griping from the Right about having to meet their societal obligations by paying taxes, I thought it was time to make my own voice heard about DC Metro.

DC Metro has taken a beating recently due to the tragic accident last year and recent service disruptions. Those are unfortunate, and in the case of the collision, tragic. This does not diminish the service that Metro provides the DC area with. According to the estimates I have found, approximately 750,000 riders use Metro daily. I am one of those people.

If we follow the totally selfish logic of the Right, only those who depend on Metro would fund the entire system. This suits their narrow-minded view, but it overlooks several consequences.

If Metro were to cease operations it would very likely add approximately 250,000 more vehicles to the already congested roads around here. That doesn’t seem like a very efficient answer.

If Metro were to cease operations, it would adversely affect the employment picture in the area. Not just from the Metro employees who would lose their jobs, but also from thousands who are able to use Metro to live in one area and use it to commute to and from their jobs in another area. As mentioned, Metro does keep a large number of vehicles off the roads.

I don’t want to write a novel, suffice to say that Metro needs to be supported and maintained. It is a small price to pay for avoiding gridlock and causing problems with the local job market in an already shaky economy.

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