I have been thinking seriously about junking my contract with AT&T. I have gone through 4 iPhones in just under a year. I appreciate the fact that Apple has always replaced the units, all due to battery problems. I am less than satisfied that I have probably gotten refurbished iPhones in return and I have to believe that I simply inherited someone else’s problem.

Another factor is that AT&T continues to drag ass on getting coverage throughout the Metro System in DC. Also, coverage has gotten WORSE in several areas that I have to be in as part of my daily routine.

I have been looking at several Android phones and am very impressed with the new HTC Incredible from Verizon Wireless. It would solve the Metro issue to a large degree, hopefully the VZW coverage would also be better.

My first preferred option would be for Verizon Wireless to finally handle the iPhone. If that happens, I am DONE with AT&T!

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