Dreamer’s World September 13, 2019 – Start Of Fall?

     Today certainly started out feeling like Fall had arrived with a vengeance. A damp and dreary and cool early morning greeted me as I left the apartment to fight my way through traffic to the client’s office.

     I checked the weather forecast and found out that the weather won’t change much through the rest of the day. This means that today will be about 25 degrees cooler than yesterday.

     The day at work was on the quiet side, and that suited me just fine. I’m ready for the weekend regardless. I don’t expect any plans for the evening, and I’m already looking forward to sleeping late tomorrow morning.

Dreamer’s World September 13, 2019 – Another Piece Of My Childhood Died Today, But He Had Two Tickets To Paradise

Another piece of my childhood died today when I heard that Eddie Money passed away due to cancer. Although never a major star, his music was something that always caught my attention and made me feel wonderful. I am including three videos of his lesser-known songs that I always loved.

R.I.P. Eddie Money, enjoy your tickets to Paradise.

Dreamer’s World September 12, 2019 – Small Steps

Every time I set a new goal for myself, the first thing I must do is to get a sense of perspective before I try to plan too much. What I am talking about resembles the old bell curve that so many of us are familiar with

We all start at the left-hand side of the curve, with all our grand plans and ideas to make the world a better place. When we start out, we find that things often go very slowly and that our progress doesn’t become apparent until later on. This is the point at which the curve starts to rise. Momentum will carry us up the curve if we maintain our progress towards the end goal. Too often we cannot see over the crest of the curve to our final destination, but we know it is there. We just have to keep pushing.

When we reach the crest of the curve, we can clearly see how far we have come, and how far we still have to go. This is the moment when the temptation to rest and forget things is very great. It derives from a sense of complacency because we can see what we have already accomplished. In itself, this is not laziness, but it is not a long trip to get there, so we must be cautious at times like this.

When we start the journey down the far side of the curve, it is tempting to let momentum simply carry us along without putting in the same amount of effort that got us up the other side of the curve in the first place.

Focus is the key to completing any task that we set for ourselves. The small steps are the most important because, without them, the big steps lead nowhere.

Dreamer’s World September 11, 2019 – Scaling Back

I skipped watching the new iPhone event yesterday. It is no longer worth the trouble to me, I have a Pixel phone that works perfectly well, even though it is over 2 years old and qualifies as an antique. But it is paid for in full, and that makes a huge difference with the monthly budget and the phone bill. Quite honestly, I don’t see the need to make a change to a new iPhone or Android phone at this time. There are other expenses that I am tackling on a daily basis.

It is entirely possible that Hal (person) and I, along with The Stooges, will be moving in the Spring to save money in the long term. This area is wonderful, but it is getting too expensive to live here much longer. Hal and I have discussed this at length, and we do not plan to renew our lease next year because we already know that the rent will go up yet again.

With the move beginning to occupy our planning, it makes no sense to waste money on a new phone that isn’t needed. The same can be said for other potential expenses that we are purposely putting off until next year. No reason to get something new that will have to be moved in a few months when what we have will last until then.

Perhaps it is a sign of growing older to not feel the need to run out and grab the latest and greatest gadget anymore. Regardless, it does give me peace of mind to know that I won’t be running out and spending the money.