Kindness Journey – Day 89 – A Prime Example of Kindness

An exceedingly rare example of public Kindness occurred at the Little League World Series qualification tournament . A pitcher accidentally struck an opposing batter in the head with a pitch. Even with a protective helmet, this was a dangerous and scary event.

Naturally, the initial focus was on the injured player. Fortunately, the protective helmet performed admirably, and the player remained in the game. He was awarded first base in accordance with the rules.

While standing on first base, undoubtedly still thinking about how lucky he was not to be seriously hurt, when his attention turned to the pitcher who had accidentally hit him. The pitcher was still visibly upset after hitting the player. After a few seconds, the player on first base tossed his helmet aside and walked to the pitchers mound and hugged the pitcher who had hit him only moments before.

What can we learn from this? Two children show us the meaning of Kindness and Compassion. They haven’t been conditioned yet to react with anger and fear to things that happen to us throughout life. If these boys were 10 years older, the outcome would probably be very different and less uplifting.

These two boys showed the world what Kindness is capable of. Learn from them.

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Kindness Journey – Day 88 – Doing the Best with what You already Have

Every now and then, I find myself looking at something with longing in my heart. We all do this from time to time, it is a part of being human. When that feeling lasts more than a few minutes, and doesn’t fade away, I know that it’s time to start concentrating and meditating to control and vanquish that feeling.

I’ve said before that Kindness starts with oneself. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself right, and rewarding yourself from time to time. However, succumbing to the desire of simply wanting something that you don’t have is the first step on the road to trouble, and that is not what Kindness is all about.

When it comes to material possessions, I try my best to stop temptation in the early stages. I do this by first asking myself if I already have something similar to that object. In other words, am I trying to justify replacing or upgrading something I already have that still works? Most of the time, that answer is “yes”, and that means I don’t really need that thing.

There’s a difference between replacing something that still works and replacing something that no longer works. I have learned to not let myself trick me into unnecessary purchases. That lesson took awhile to learn, but it ties together with Kindness very neatly.

I no longer feel cheated or neglected when I refuse to make an unnecessary purchase. I feel inner peace because I know I’ve thought things through. I can survive with what I have. I don’t need to chase material possessions anymore.

Next time the desire bug starts acting up with you, take time to be thankful for what you already have, and truly decide if you really need that new thing in order to be happy. If you can be happy without that thing, then that thing isn’t truly necessary after all.

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